PRIME Prestige

The appearance and texture of natural wood

Unique surface.

The combination of elegant, wide grooves with a texture that is confusingly similar to wood thanks to embossing, gave a unique effect.

17% more stiffness.

By increasing the number of hollow chambers and the height of the board, its stiffness - and therefore durability - is 17% greater than that of a standard board height.

Color durability unattainable so far.

The surface of the board is made of a polymer blend without the addition of wood. This makes it much more resistant to dirt and scratches. It also dramatically increases color durability.


Dimensions and colours

4000 mm
145 mm
30 mm
At customer's request, we cut the boards to the required length, up to a maximum of 6500 mm.
massaranduba bangkirai winchester patina oak


Mounting accessories

Finishing strips
Accessories for assembly of strips
Kits for assembly of boards
  1. 1Joists
  2. 2Finishing strips
  3. 3Accessories for assembly of strips
  4. 4Kits for assembly of boards

Aluminium joist

Joist with enhanced strength and stiffness, recommended for Forest Plus board. Perfect for installation on suspended structures – i.e. on concrete pillars. It allows the construction of the so-called "floating terraces". The width and height of the joist can be used interchangeably, depending on needs.


  • length: 4000 mm
  • width: 30 mm
  • height: 35 mm


Dedicated to the mounting of boards on balconies and terraces – where boards are placed directly on a concrete slab or tiles. The lower part of the joist must adhere with the entire surface to the substrate.


  • length: 4000 mm
  • width: 40 mm
  • height: 20 mm


Universal – for use on any type of surfaces. The lower part of the joist must adhere with the entire surface to the substrate. By adjusting the top and the lateral side of the joist to the clip, its height and width may be used interchangeably.


  • length: 4000 mm
  • width: 50 mm or 40 mm
  • height: 40 mm or 50 mm